Whether you need custom music for a 30 second commercial or an entire feature film, I've got the tools, resources, and skills to make it happen! If you have something in mind you're looking for, get in touch. I'd love to lend my talents to your project!


I don't just compose for film! I also serve as a lyricist, songwriter, and music producer for several other artists. I've written in every genre from acoustic folk to crunk hip-hop to 4-on-the-floor EDM. If you're in the market for a fresh track, let's chat!


Need audio mixing or mastering? I bring over 12 years of audio engineering experience to my work, and I always make sure to give each production that final bit of polish to make sure it sounds great on all sorts of speakers.

sound design

One of my favorite aspects of composing music is creating unique sounds that nobody has ever heard before. I love mangling, reversing, distorting, and glitching sounds into entirely new creations. If you're looking for creative sound design, I'm your guy!

But, enough about me...

I wanna hear about your project! If you're looking for a composer/producer who's eager to work with you to help achieve your vision, I'd love to start up a conversation! Reach out and let's put my skills to use!

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